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We cover all bases when it comes to electrics, and our fully qualified electricians at AMK Electrical Maintenance Ltd, carry out electrical inspection and testing, providing electrical inspection condition reports for the landlords of rented properties throughout the Reading area. 

With broad knowledge and extensive experience in electrical inspections, making our team ideal when you require a new or updated EICR. 

Electrical safety certificates must be renewed every 5 years or change of tenancy, and with this, our team carry out the necessary testing and inspections on all electrical devices, appliances, circuits, wiring and more to ensure they are all up and running at a correct, safe, working condition. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure maximum safety for your tenants, and is, therefore, also a requirement by insurance companies. 

Not only will this decrease the chance of your tenants being victim of an electrical hazard, but it will also allow you to rest assured that your property is kept in a safe condition too. 

The testings we carry out include:

  • Fixed wire testings
  • Internal inspections of the electrical distribution system
  • Prime safety inspection, 
  • Installation inspection
  • Main income supply inspection
  • Outlets, sockets inspection 
  • Lighting testing and inspection 
  • And more. 

These intricate inspections ensure the internal and external workings of all electrics in the property are working as they should, preventing issues from occurring at a later date which could be costly to repair or even replace. 

All tests are conducted using test volt injections. These are used to measure and record the function or connections, cables and installations around the property. This will allow us to make a strong reading of the workings of your electrics, which will then allow us to write an updated condition report. If we find faults or signs of wear and tear in your electrics, we will detail this, along with the repair work needed. 

Once we are happy your electrics are working to their fullest potential, and your rented property is an electrical hazard-free environment, safe for another 5-years, we will issue a clear certificate stating this. 

Looking for an electrician to conduct the electrical inspections on your rented property in Reading? Then our team at AMK Electrical Maintenance Ltd are happy to help. Call us today on 07803122074, to discuss your EICR service, and to receive a no-obligation quote.

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Amk Electrical Maintenance Ltd have been providing the residents of Reading with professional electrical services for over 40 years.

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